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Modern Live Chat Software Feature – Sticky Chat

Here at SYNCRO our wheels are always turning, looking for new things we can integrate into our software, and new features we can add for our customers. If you’re looking for a modern live chat software, in this new feature article we are going to be outlining out newest feature…STICKY CHAT!

We have taken our original chat tool and re-skinned it with a brand new modern design. The Sticky Chat mode sticks to the bottom right of the browser window at all times, giving our users a more familiar look and feel to an online chat tool.

It is now easier than ever to change between our classic and modern design, just by a few clicks of your mouse.

Classic vs. Sticky

Here we are going to outline the difference between the 2 styles, so you have a better understanding of the new design.

Let’s first start off by saying the function of the chat tool itself has not changed, the sticky chat tool is mainly aesthetic.

Click image to enlarge

How It Works

The new Sticky Chat design works and functions exactly like our classic design, just with a new look and feel. To switch to the Sticky Chat you just need to log into your SYNCRO account, click on settings, and scroll down to “Start Mode.” Simply select Sticky Chat from the dropdown and you’re done!

If you’re looking for online chat software and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!

live chat software for website

New Online Chat Software Feature – Advanced Chat Scheduling

Are you finding that your online chat software is working too well, and you’re constantly getting messages during family time or in the middle of the night? Well, have we got a feature for you! With SYNCRO’s Advanced Chat Scheduling, you can disable the chat tool at specific times, and more!

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How It Works

SYNCRO’s chat scheduling has 2 options. The first option being that you can set the time in which the chat tool shows up on your site. So if you only want the tool on your site during business hours, you just set the time from 9-5. It’s that simple!

The second option is a new feature we have just added. Here at SYNCRO we always listen to client feedback and strive to build in features we find will be useful for our clients.
You can now also choose the days of the week that the chat tool shows up on the site. You simply enable or disable the checkboxes next to each day of the week, and you’re done!

live chat for website,website chat for real estate,online chat software

If you’re looking for online chat software and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!

New Integration – integration now available for SYNCRO

If you’re a fan of Improvely like we are, then you’ll be happy to know that we have now developed a way to track your SYNCRO chat conversions within this handy conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring software.

Follow the steps below to integrate with and track conversions:

  1. If you are using you can now track your chat requests as conversions!  We all know how valuable leads are, even if they are support related – well now by integrating with you can track all of your chats.
  2. Simply login to your account, click on the site you wish to manage and then click the integrations tab:



  1. Next, take the API key that is given to you inside of on your API Credentials Page:

Displaying image007.pngDisplaying image007.pngDisplaying image007.pngDisplaying image007.pngDisplaying image007.pngimp2

  1. Lastly, enter the projectID (website) you want to track chats for!

That’s it! Now you are tracking chats from SYNCRO in!


New Feature Alert

All about that choice.


You asked for it and now it’s here. Your customers can now choose whether they want to enter in a phone number or their email address when making initial contact with you using SYNCRO.  The leads will still be stored in your control panel, but the contact data will default to the number or email that your customer entered. If you are still looking to get both pieces of information for a more complete lead, then please visit the Chat Trigger section in your control panel and choose from one of the pre-written statements or create a custom response. Alternatively, we’ve found being uber responsive will open the doors for all the data you need and even better – more conversions.

Notice how the country flag appears to indicate that the user has entered in the correct country and area code for their location and number to match.


Keep your feature requests coming!

SYNCRO Quick Start Guide

SYNCRO Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SYNCRO : Website Chat to Text

Never miss a sales lead again. Engage your leads on the go!


  • Log in to and customize your settings now.
  • Pay close attention to settings such as your scheduling (the hours of operation you would like for the chat tool displayed). Depending on how you currently handle your online leads you may also want to adjust:
  • Your personalization options such as your welcome message (call to action), and photo (avatar)
  • The rollover option if you are part of a team or have an assistant who leads should roll to if you are busy
  • The chat trigger (auto responder) if you are busy or driving and cannot immediately respond to your leads (defaults are set automatically, but we suggest you customize this to reflect how you do business offline)
  • Add this number 1 (778) 588-9305 to the contacts section of your mobile phone. We suggest you use SYNCRO as the contact name or something similar so that you recognize that it is an incoming lead that requires your immediate attention.

For more details on specific features please visit our FAQ section or read this post.