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All about that choice.


You asked for it and now it’s here. Your customers can now choose whether they want to enter in a phone number or their email address when making initial contact with you using SYNCRO.  The leads will still be stored in your control panel, but the contact data will default to the number or email that your customer entered. If you are still looking to get both pieces of information for a more complete lead, then please visit the Chat Trigger section in your control panel and choose from one of the pre-written statements or create a custom response. Alternatively, we’ve found being uber responsive will open the doors for all the data you need and even better – more conversions.

Notice how the country flag appears to indicate that the user has entered in the correct country and area code for their location and number to match.


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5 Tips to be moooo’re responsive

Be more responsive to your online leads with these 5 tips.

Make the most of incoming interactions and how a Moooooing cow changed my sales game.

We’ve all been there before- a lead comes in from your website somewhat “unexpectedly” and because you weren’t ready for it, you don’t respond in time and you can’t seem to re-engage with the customer. It happens a lot. And there are a lot of reasons why.  The installation of SYNCRO should help you cut down on (if not all together cut out) these incidents of missed sales opportunity, but following the tips below will help you to be as responsive as you can no matter how you generate online leads.

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  • Set up your Schedule

This is an easy one. Login to your settings and under the ‘advanced’ tab, you can adjust the hours of operation that you’re available. If you aren’t available to chat during specific hours of the day then the SYNCRO live chat widget will automatically remove itself from your website. That’s a key feature to consider when evaluating chat tools. There’s nothing worse from a customer’s point of view than having a live chat tool option that always seems to be ‘offline’.

  • Set up your Chat Trigger

If you know that you’re slow on the texting draw or always on the move in your car, then set up your auto responder to explain exactly how you do business. Your customers will love the transparency and sometimes they won’t even know that it’s a canned response. We have some great options pre-canned in the admin under settings and ‘chat trigger’ for you to use or you can customize your own. Make sure that you set your time value appropriately as well, keeping in mind that your customer will not want to wait more than a minute for a response.

  • Pump up the Volume

This is mistake number one! As a society we’ve turned so polite that often we only ever have our phones on vibrate or worse, completely silenced. This is great for funerals, church, movies and more, but when you’re trying to get sales it’s hardly beneficial. Turn it on and turn it up (at least during the hours your SYNCRO schedule is enabled).

  • Program your Mobile Phone

Tun up the volume for more leads!

Tun up the volume for more leads!

Programming my mobile to the sound of a Moooooooing cow was the game changer for me personally.

I get a lot of texts, emails and other notifications during a regular work day. I wanted to know what was urgent and what I could let go for a few extra moments if I was in the middle of something else.  How did I accomplish this exactly?

  1. Add the SYNCRO number to your contacts in your mobile phone. I named my contact SYNCRO and then added the number 1 (778) 588-9305 as a mobile.
  2. Assign a special message alert tone that only SYNCRO’s will have. Mine is a cow that obnoxiously Mooo’s. It’s very distinct and it lets me know to drop everything and find my phone because I have a website lead that’s hot to trot. My kids even know when I have a SYNCRO now and will run and bring me my phone to respond.
  3. See point 3. You need to have the volume in order for this to work.
  • Don’t stress if you miss a Chat

But do make every effort to contact the lead back as soon as possible via the email address or telephone number that they left you in their contact details. This goes along way when accompanied by an explanation of why you weren’t able to immediately respond to them eg: ‘Sorry I missed your chat earlier, I was driving and it wasn’t safe for me to text you back.’

Keep in mind that sometimes your customers are in a rush and want the answer so quickly that they’ll jet within minutes of that first contact going unanswered. Their email address is a great way to follow up with them and offer your assistance.  It shows that you’re proactive and care about their business – so long as you’re reaching out within the same 24 hour period. Waiting longer than 24 hours to follow up will likely not help you in your effort to close more sales.

Got an email bounce?  Again your customers might be in a rush, or may not trust you enough yet to provide a real address. Try Google searching their first and last name along with the email they provided and see if you can track them down. A little detective work can go a long way!

Those are 5 tips that worked wonders for me and I think they can also work to help you convert more of that website traffic using SYNCRO website live chat to text message.

Do you have any of your own tips or tricks up your sleeve when it comes to being more engaging with your website leads?  Share them with us over on Twitter @syncrochat


First Drive to 225 Reseller Campaign A Success

Goal. Check.

In less than one year we were able to reach our goal of 225 re-sellers.  We gave ourselves one year to do it and we’re feeling pretty hot to trot that we achieved it in less than 10 months.

Actually if we were to be exact it took us 283 days or equal to 9 months and 8 days. But who’s counting?  Well we were.

Our re-sale strategy was simple. Find any one with a heartbeat that had a design agency, freelance community or network of clients who was already selling other solutions or wanted to start selling other software solutions. A lot of combing the www’s, forums, trolling blog comments and a lot of unreturned emails later and we’re here. There were too many days where we didn’t think we could do it, but once we cracked that 100 signup mark back in September we knew we were on our way. Keeping our heads down and focused, even though some days the rejection outweighed the signups was critical. Then we opened up our software to the world. Offering local SMS numbers to re-sellers in Australia, Brazil and even Russia.  That’s when things really started to catch fire.

Break out of North America that little voice kept cooing.  Glad we listened and took the risk.

Which brings us to February 1st, 2016 and here we sit with thousands of subscribers, dozens of signups rolling in per day and 225 re-sellers that span the globe from Kalamazoo, Michigan (it’s really a place!) to our hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Our next re-seller program (Club 500) is currently being developed and will likely feature the same revenue share model of 50%. We’re hoping to launch again in early spring once we take care of the long list of features and feedback we have on the go.

The biggest change we are making to our software is opening up our white label program even further so that our unlimited subscribers can take advantage of live website chat to SMS with their own branding front and center.

We’ve also branched out from #REtech to include live website chat to text messaging for automotive, portal and classified websites and are actively looking for partners in these verticals.

So thanks to all of our partners and clients!  We’re putting our noses back to the grindstone stay tuned for spring!