Not sure if our software does something specific or perhaps you need some help installing the code on your site? Please use the best live chat for website support assets below to find the answers you need. If you cannot seem to find the answers to your questions, please use SYNCRO to start a chat with us, and we will send you in the right direction.

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How much does it cost
We currently have two price models for our best live chat for website software, SYNCRO.  50/mo unlimited conversations and tools with no contract or 25/mo pre-paid subscription for the year.


I'm not getting any interactions and I've had SYNCRO for a couple of weeks. What's going on?
There are only a few reasons why you may not be receiving interactions:

  1. Your mobile phone number was entered incorrectly
  2. You’re Chat Rescue timer is set to respond too quickly, and;
  3. You’re scheduler is set to off or is not functioning during the hours you have your phone off.

All of these can be solved by logging into your account and glancing over the settings tabs to double check. The last reason could be that you have a website that is not receiving any qualified web traffic. In this case you might need to look at adding on an SEM campaign to help give your website a little boost! Call or interact for details.

What happens when I don't want to or can't text a chat back?
We think you should try and text back all of your incoming interactions, but we realize that at the end of the day we are all humans and there are apparently some things that are not humanly possible. This is why we built in a few features to save you.

  1. Chat Rescue
  2. Email Syndication
  3. Scheduling
  4. Chat Vault

We also have the Roll Over option for teams. You can read more about some of our other features here.

Best Use

Why wouldn't I just use Email?
There are a few reasons why chatting and best live chat for website is preferred over email and phone among consumers.  The most obvious being response time. Your customers are demanding instant gratification when they initiate a chat. They want to ask the question and get the answer right away. And you want to answer right away because you have their immediate attention.   Give them a few a hours (which is how long the typical email chain could take) and you give your customer time to walk away from your website, find something they think is better, or forget about you entirely. Chat is designed to capitalize on the excitement that potential client is feeling at that moment in time. Need more?  Keep reading. Handle More:  You can multitask with chat clients. It’s easier for you to text three clients at once, but you could never do that using the phone. Increase your productivity. Client Satisfaction: According to recent Forrester surveys chat ranked as one of the highest rated methods of communication between consumers and business. Why? Many reasons. Anonymity being the biggest draw. People love privacy. They don’t want their conversations broadcast across the office, home or train station. They also want to be able to print off their communication to refer back to what was said.  All things you can’t do with a phone conversation. Increase your sales: That same survey states that “AOV” or Average Order Value, increases by 19% with chat assisted sales. A study published by MIT indicated that waiting 30 minutes to contact your leads instead of contacting them within 5 minutes decreased the odds of getting in touch with the lead by 100X and the odds of qualifying the lead drops by 21x.  There it is folks.
From which phone number will I receive my SYNCRO interactions?
The official SYNCRO number is 1 (778) 588-9305. You can add this number to your contacts to ensure that you know exactly where your SYNCRO interactions are coming from.
I'm having trouble interacting with the SYNCRO web chat tool on Apple devices
If your responsive site is having issues interacting with the SYNCRO best live chat for website tool on Apple devices, please ensure that your Apple device is updated to the latest operating system.  Versions below iOs 5 do not support some of the positioning elements required to display SYNCRO correctly.  IOs 5 is compatible with all Apple devices. Also, it is possible that the toolbar bug is affecting your website.  IOs 7 introduced full screen browsing to take advantage of more of the device’s screen, however, this behaviour cannot be controlled by external factors. One workaround we found was to enable “minimal-ui” on your website which was implemented in iOs 7.1: This hides the toolbar indefinitely unless prompted by tapping the title bar and allows SYNCRO to be interacted with flawlessly throughout your website’s viewing experience.   best live chat for website
Why not just use an app?
The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article surrounding this topic here: So that article backs up why SYNCRO does not require an app in order to work. No logging in. No account set ups. No weird permissions. No additional fees. Not device specific. It just works with your regular texting service. Simple. That’s why SYNCRO is the best live chat for website tool.


We have more than one sales person on our team. Do you have a solution for teams?
We highly recommend that every member of your team has their own SYNCRO instance, but if that’s not possible, then we have a Roll Over option for teams of up to three.  
We are interested in launching this corporately. Do you have a solution that works for corporations?
Yes! We love rolling out SYNCRO on a large scale. Call or interact with us for more details on corporate model pricing and special corporate website features.
I am getting support chats and chats from people I have already done business with. How can I minimize these or stop them from coming in?
We recommend that you read this blog post about how support chats can be turned into business.  If you are on the pay per play free model, then you may also want to consider upgrading to the unlimited plan.

Admin Panel

I want to manage a few websites. Is this possible under one account or do I need to set up multiple accounts?
That’s fantastic. Our admin area let’s you manage multiple websites under one user. For example: If you are the owner of a franchise and you have five stores all with their own websites which require SYNCRO you can set yourself up and add users under your account. Each user will require their own embed code, and a subscription plan of either free or unlimited interactions. All users under your account will be billed for their plans under your account and charged to the credit card you have on file. It will be your responsibility to collect payment from them. If you have questions about this feature please contact us or interact for more details.


Does SYNCRO really work with any type of website?
99% Yes! However, we have found that if you are using a free website service such as WIX that some users are unable to embed the necessary code in order to make SYNCRO and other best live chat for website tools work. In these cases it will need to be iFramed. For more on embedding code keep reading! **UPDATE – The WIX plugin is coming soon!
Is SYNCRO mobile friendly?
This is a double yes, yes! We already know that SYNCRO sends chats from your website via text message to your mobile, but what about people that have found your website while using their own mobile? Tricky, but your in luck! SYNCRO is mobile friendly for them too, so long as you have a responsive website. If you aren’t sure whether your website is responsive please get in touch with us and we can help you figure that part out too.
What does SYNCRO look like in a mobile site?
Check out the screen caps below the first shows SYNCRO in action and the 2nd shows SYNCRO waiting for the user to initiate an interaction. best live chat for website


How does Chat Rescue work?
Chat Rescue is for those times when you’re in a pinch and can’t get to your phone to respond to the incoming interaction. Maybe you’re driving or nature has called, but we realize that life happens when you’re on the go. You can set a time default that allows SYNCRO to begin engaging with your interaction on your behalf (whoa! robots!). The timing and response can be configured based on your preferences. Out of the box, SYNCRO has Chat Rescue turned off because we want to see you engage with those interactions and turn them into business. The robots will have their time in years to come. For more on Chat Rescue and how to make the most of it watch this nifty little video right here.
How does Email Syndication work?
Email Syndication is a chat backup system. Once someone has initiated a chat from your website. We will not only send those details via text message to your mobile phone, but we will also send a copy to the email address you have provided during setup (you can have two email addresses just in case). This allows you to view the first initial message sent, as well the chatters email address and name. It’s perfect for those times when you pop into the office and forget your mobile in the car, or you stuff it in a desk drawer at work, lose your purse etc.! We recorded a nifty little video right here for you to watch how Email Syndication works in detail!
How does the scheduling work?
Chat Scheduling is for those people that sleep. Weird, right? It allows you to set time duration’s for when you are available to take messages. By default we have this feature set to off as well, because anytime is business time. It’s a small world after all! Sorry for putting that creepy children’s robot song in your head for the rest of the day. We recorded a nifty little video right here for you to watch how the Chat Scheduler works in detail!
How does the Chat Vault work?
The Chat Vault is a like a walk down memory lane where you can recall all of your past interactions. We keep all your past interactions on file so that you can review them, send them to clients, include them as testimonials and gather your own statistical data to use within your marketing. We recorded a nifty little video right here for you to watch how the Chat Vault works in detail!


I'm getting an OOPS This SYNCRO instance has not been authorized. message when I enter my embed code. How can I fix this?
This message will occur if the embed code for the SYNCRO instance does not match the website URL in the settings. This prevents unauthorized use of our SYNCRO system on non verified domains. Did you mix up the embed code? Possibly this embed code was for someone else? We’re not judging.
How do I get the embed code to make SYNCRO work?
You will need to sign up for SYNCRO. Please visit this page and fill out the necessary information.
I have the SYNCRO embed code, now what do I do?
Installing the embed code is easy and doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. It’s as easy as copying the code, accessing your web files, pasting it after the closing body tag, saving and, finally, re-uploading the file. We couldn’t say we have the best live chat for website tool if we didn’t make it easy to install. Check out the video for a more indepth look into installing the SYNCRO embed code.


I like my privacy. Does my mobile number get distributed to my incoming interactions?
No, our best live chat for website tool does not display your mobile number by default. In fact, in most cases the incoming interactions will not even know that you are responding to them via text message unless you inform them. If and when you do tell them that you are texting them back and you are not in fact in front of a computer, prepare to see their minds blown. We’re working on a reaction video.