Terms of Use

SYNCRO is primarily a website chat to text (SMS) tool. It is not intended to act as a desktop chat tool. Use at your own risk. Results are dependent on a number of factors and we are stating best case examples within our marketing materials including this website. Results vary depending on; website traffic, current marketing efforts, agent response time to incoming chats, availability, mobile reception and more. You may incur other charges related to text messages as imposed by your mobile carrier. Please check with your mobile carrier as to what charges are applicable for using SMS services on your device.

Refund Policy

We request 30 days notice of cancellation to your SYNCRO instance. Upon cancellation you will be required to remove the embed code from your website on your own, or contact us to arrange for the removal. We will examine and review any chats thought to be SPAM or PRANK within 10 days of your bill and credit towards your per/lead payment plan. SPAM or PRANKS chats should be brought to our attention immediately in writing via email to [email protected]