Why SYNCRO is different than other live chat software.

Most people are familiar with live chat software.  However, most people are not familiar with what chat tool is the right fit for your style of doing business.  The most common flaws we found with live chat service providers and live chat apps are pretty obvious. You either have to be sitting in front of your computer to respond to customer leads, or you need to have someone else respond on your behalf.  This combination can be detrimental to your business. Firstly, nobody wants to feel as though they are chained to their desktop. Secondly, and this is a question you should ask yourself honestly – Why would I want to outsource communication with hot leads?



If nurturing a hot website lead is not important to you, then by all means, hire some operators and go to town. If you’re like us though, and you recognize that hot leads from your website should be treated like the true gold they are, then keep reading.  Mostly, because you’re about to unlock the holy grail of website lead conversion!



In recent years, live chat was moved over to the app side of development. You probably know the drill already. Download an app from iTunes or the Play Store and cross your fingers that a new update or changing your device doesn’t render it obsolete.  Using an app to chat on the go is cumbersome, because you need to be connected to data.  Also, most apps aren’t kept up to date, so they break on your new phone or you simply can’t get the app to work properly because you don’t have the right type of phone for it to run properly.



SYNCRO changes all of that! No updates are required on your end (ever). Also, you don’t have to learn anything new, because you already know how to send a text from your mobile phone.  SYNCRO is just that simple.  Traffic comes in to your site. Customers use the chat window to initiate a conversation. You’re instantly connected to that lead using text messaging from your trusty mobile phone.

SYNCRO is a new live chat software on the market that has built its technology around SMS exclusively, so you can do some pretty cool things:

live chat software

No data connection required

With SYNCRO live chat software you are able to respond to website visitors immediately via your phone’s basic SMS. There is no need to be connected to the internet – only your SMS provider – 3/4/5G.

live chat software

No apps to download

SYNCRO is device ubiquitous – meaning you don’t need to download any app and keep it updated depending on the phone you are using. Ever use an app that is broken because your phone isn’t brand new? You will never have this problem with SYNCRO.

live chat software

No learning curve

Unlike most live chat companies, there is no software to login to, no application to run and learn, simply respond to the texts that come into your phone, and you can have a conversation with someone on your website. Simple.

cool features

Cool features

Because SYNCRO uses texting as its backbone we can do unique tasks:

  • Send the chat to multiple cell phones.
  • Allow chats to roll to different phones.
  • Use AI to respond in order to delay until you can respond.
  • Use AI to data mine answers and record them for later.
  • Allow people to send you a text message directly through your website.
  • Use unique promo codes with reverse chat.
  • With our customizable live chat software, SYNCRO can match your existing branding
  • Corporate chat software features like location and group options.


Free to try

If you’re thinking to yourself, is live chat for my website worth it? SYNCRO is free to try and we’ll also help to on-board you at no extra cost. There are no contracts if you choose and we also offer a white label chat software option.

Try SYNCRO for free today!

Give SYNCRO a try because we truly believe this is the best live chat software out there for people conducting their business on the go.

How do I get started with SYNCRO?


Sign Up

Sign up is quick and easy and we're always close by if you ever need any assistance. So, go ahead, give us a few details and move along to the next step!

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Once you've entered your credentials, we'll provide you with some quick code that you can embed into your website. If you're a tech, or have a tech on hand you can easily do it on your own. If this sounds like too much - we're here to get it done for you. And of course installs are on us.


Go Mobile!

That's it. Now when someone visits your website (or your MLS/IDX listings on another participating brokerage or portal website) and calls up the SYNCRO chat box, that information will be sent directly over to your mobile phone. You'll be able to dazzle and win over leads using your texting skills to respond back instantly to their requests!

"I always knew that my texting skills would be put to good use! SYNCRO finally answered my prayers of how I want to do business with my clients and how I always knew clients wanted to connect with me. It’s just easy!"
client testimonial

Angela Nagy

CEO :: Greenstep

“I can’t believe how easy SYNCRO was to use from my standpoint and more importantly the people trying to contact me. It’s opened up communication between my customers and my website and made it a much more personal form of communication than my old contact form. Possibly the best part is that I don’t have to be in my office at all to engage with my website leads.”
client testimonial

Derek Martin

Realtor :: RE/MAX

“Thanks for your prompt response to everything. FYI – I went with you guys because your response time and support is unequal to anyone else! Thank you”
client testimonial

Jason Holmers

CEO :: Oxsome