Build better relationships with instant responses.

Think back to when you met the love of your life.  Before you even knew their name.  Did you walk up to them and hand them a 20 question form to fill out asking what their income was and when they planned to make their next big purchase?  Probably not. So why do you expect to create a meaningful relationship with your clients based on these misguided principles?  Ditch your dated contact form and build client relationships organically with SYNCRO.

Let them ask a few questions before you walk down the aisle and seal the big deal.

With SYNCRO you can be connected to people instantly so that your website users can get the answers to their questions immediately. Research has found that if someone doesn’t receive a response or an answer to their questions about a specific product or service in a timely manner, they will likely move on. Because of this you may end up losing business to one of your competitors, instead of instilling trust in your website visitors.

If you have a chat tool like SYNCRO on your site, you will be able to answer questions so quickly your users will be pleasantly surprised, and they will likely use your services or purchase your products again. They will also let others know how great your customer service is.

Lead generation is the most important element of your website and your marketing. So don’t lose out on any leads by using a contact form as your sole method of contacting you.

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