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live support chat for website

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Having live support chat for your website is imperative for business use today.  We have witnessed the power of SYNCRO as a lead conversion tool in a multitude of business verticals.  It’s simplicity as a responsive communication tool makes it adaptive to any business that values responsiveness.  And what business doesn’t!?  For that reason, we’ve found that SYNCRO works unlike any other live chat tool. This is especially true for verticals that are traditionally under served in the live chat space. This is the stuff that really gets people excited.

As a result, check out some of the unique vertical’s listed below. You’ll quickly see how having a live support chat option such as SYNCRO on your website can change the way leads are handled within your organization.  Likewise, SYNCRO can be used for large scale portals, directories and websites with multiple members, sales people, inventory and listings.

Marketing Website + Design Agency

SYNCRO has been designed to support marketing agencies who are looking to build trust with their clients.  SYNCRO does an amazing job of converting traffic into contact requests.  Likewise, it does an even better job of connecting a customer to people who have “real” answers to their questions.  So, if you’re still using a BOT to communicate with your customers, then we urge you to reconsider! You might be hurting your business immensely, by frustrating your potential customers with this fake interaction.

In contrast, our clients love SYNCRO because it connects them directly to their customers along their journey to buying. SYNCRO allows operators to connect and engage with customers in real time. It’s because of this instant connection that more sales are nurtured. We know you’ll love SYNCRO too, and we have aggressive revenue sharing programs through our white label program. SYNCRO is the perfect fit for your agency.  It will compliment any lead generation campaign you’re running for your clients.   It’s time to give SYNCRO a try for free today! You never know how much revenue you’re missing by not having live chat on your website!

White Label + Revenue Sharing
Huge Growth Potential
Clients Love SYNCRO

Small Business + eCommerce Websites

Being a small business owner requires you to wear a lot of hats . If you’re like us, then you don’t have time to sit behind a computer to field live chats all day let alone figure out how to learn to use a totally new piece of software! Now with SYNCRO – you don’t have to do either. You also don’t need to outsource your chat operators. Nor should you! They don’t have a vested interest in your business like you do!

Get SYNCRO and invest the time you’ll save learning a new software, back into your customers website experience with you! Simply install one line of code into your website, and then begin chatting with your website visitors using your mobile phone’s SMS. Nothing new to learn, and so easy to use. Save yourself some time, increase your leads, and grow your business faster with our live chat software.

Increase Leads
Grow Your Business
Engage With Customers


Are you looking for a quick way to allow customers to send leads to your sales rep’s cell phones? Do you want a lead sent to multiple agents at a time? Are you hoping to encourage faster operator responsiveness?  SYNCRO can act as fierce as a district sales manager looking to make their month end sales quota.  It notifies the entire sales team at the same time, but it only rewards the first rep to respond!  The sales person who responds first will have the opportunity to turn that hot lead into a closed sale!  Consequently, all other reps will now be excluded from the chat, once it has been answered. This ensures a healthy competition takes place. It’s also a gentle nudge towards being hyper responsive and improving communication.

With SYNCRO you can allow your agents to respond from anywhere. Easily monitor all chats that are taking place inside the system, and CC the chat history to your CRM for simple follow up. Use SYNCRO in unique marketing campaigns; our system is not closed loop and has very unique features. Send reverse chat campaigns using a unique sms promo code allowing customers to reach your agents from their phone.  The options are fantastic, but even better is the fact that we love feedback! Our features continue to grow due to suggestions from people like you.

Use SMS Promo Codes
Send Chats to Multiple Sales Reps
Roll Chats to Other Agents

Real Estate Brokerages and Banner Level Companies

We get it, real estate agents are on the go – period. If you’re an agent moving mountains, closing deals, and have 0 time to think about technology, then SYNCRO is designed specifically for you. True story, for real it was actually built for real estate agents 😉  Chat requests from your website come in via SMS (text message) to your phone, so all you have to do is respond using your standard text messaging plan.

If you can’t get to the chat- no problem. Our simple AI handles that for you! We use an auto-responder to explain a quick reason as to why you can’t immediately text back, collect a little more customer data and then send it to you via email for later.

Client is happy, you’re happy and business gets done efficiently.  Are you ready for a FREE trial that will knock the socks off your clients?

MLS + Listing Direct Integration
Website Text Me Options
Massive Lead Generator

Membership Based Portals and Directories 

Now you can easily allow a website visitor to chat anonymously with someone who has placed a classified ad or created a business profile on a directory. With some simple embed code you give the customer the power to contact you about your business or product for sale while using a familiar chat interface.

As the classified owner or business owner, respond anonymously to the person talking to you from your phone’s SMS. Your number is never disclosed, and the customer assumes you’re sitting in front of a computer chatting with them.

Free yourself from the shackles of your cubicle, and take your conversations on the go with SYNCRO.

Anonymous Chat
Portal Integration
Traffic Conversion