live chat solutionA responsive automotive sales department sells more inventory.

If you’ve got cars and trucks to sell then you’ve likely got a hungry sales team that’s craving new, effective ways to convert online leads like a live chat solution. SYNCRO website chat to text message is the tool that you’ve been searching for.  It keeps your auto sales team mobile and at the same time allows them to be productive, organized, responsive and autonomous!  As a client of SYNCRO your sales team can still use their own mobile devices and never have to worry about disclosing their personal phone number to clients.  Another bonus is that your car sales staff don’t have to worry about downloading and installing any apps to their devices.  SYNCRO automotive website chat to text works with basic SMS text messaging.

  • Scheduling – Set SYNCRO to appear only when you’re available. If the operator is offline the chat tool magically disappears. This means no more frustrated customers trying to chat with you when you aren’t available.
  • Data Enabled – Make your data work! Associate specific inventory to a dedicated operator on your team.
  • Always On – Use auto responders to engage with customers immediately and keep their attention to convert more leads.
  • Track & Monitor – Engaging stat platform lets you know who’s leading the pack & who needs help with lead conversion.

There are a ton more features that make SYNCRO for the auto industry a game changer and a must for every great sales team. Whether you’re selling used cars, new cars and trucks or both SYNCRO will help you to close those online auto leads and traffic into converted sales.  Unlike other chat tools, we can add our instant live chat to text message system into every one of your vehicle listings.  The sales teams will receive a text message to inform them of what make and model the customer is viewing and will be able to start an immediate dialogue with them to keep them from moving along to your competitors website.

We offer discounted corporate plans for dealerships who carry large scale inventory and sales teams and we also have basic plans that are fantastic for small sales teams of up to two.  If you’ve found that leads from your contact form are turning out to be leads for the junkyard, then you also need to try out PowerLinks.  Transform your contact forms into supercharged lead conversion machines by using our PowerLinks feature.  We can transform your contact forms into real time live chats with your sales team, so you can capitalize on the customers interest immediately and close more sales.

SYNCRO live chat solution is the lead conversion answer for every auto dealer, automotive portal and automotive sales team on the planet. Install it for free on your website now and receive ten free messages to see how it works. If you’re interested in a multi listing integration or multi sales team integration please SYNCRO us for more details, or click here to sign up today.

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