COVID-19 Counseling Tool

SYNCRO is a counseling tool for COVID-19 because in some crisis situations it’s much easier to type, than it is to talk.

COVID-19 Counseling Tool

SYNCRO is an effective and easy counseling tool for counselors to use during and after COVID-19. It can facilitate chats between counselors in the mental health field and their community in times of crisis.  SYNCRO provides an anonymous, effective communication channel between the two.

Counselors don’t need to worry about being in their office to answer the phone.  They also don’t have to be sitting at a desk to receive messages. They only require SYNCRO, a cell phone and basic text messaging to stay anonymously in touch with their community – no matter where they are.

Counselors are able to set their own hours to indicate when they’re available online. This ensures flexibility for the operator. Phone numbers of the operators are never disclosed, so you’re also guaranteed personal anonymity.

Chatters also have the opportunity to remain anonymous or Counselors/Operators can choose to collect an email address or phone number to begin the chat.

Working From Home :: The New Normal During COVID-19

Using chat to text in times of crisis can help government agencies, foundations and independent agencies. Certainly it allows flexibility for counselors who need to adapt to a new WFH lifestyle. SYNCRO is especially great for those who offer any of the following paid or volunteer mental health services:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Family Violence Prevention
  • Emergency Intervention and Response
  • Emotional Support
  • Community resource referral

SYNCRO is not an app. There is nothing to download or update for SYNCRO to work as an effective counseling tool during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Using an app to chat on the go is cumbersome.  You need to be connected to reliable data and most apps aren’t kept up to date, therefore they can break.  Or, you simply can’t get the app to work because you don’t have the right type of device for it to run properly.  SYNCRO removes all of those barriers!

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Answers to commonly asked questions:

  • Our servers are Canadian based and our company is headquartered out of British Columbia.
  • This service is not connected to emergency police or ambulatory services. It’s not intended for providing life saving services.
  • Privacy and security are paramount. Reach out to us with any specific questions regarding privacy and security.

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