Corporate Chat Software

SYNCRO corporate chat software has all the features you need to thrive!

SYNCRO has been designed with entrepreneurs in mind and it’s engineered to be incredibly efficient. Ever since March of 2020 the working world has completely been turned upside down. Offices that were once bustling with bodies are now veritable ghost towns.

Employees have scattered about cities, towns and some have even picked up and gone mobile. Covid-19, whether we like it or not, has changed the way we work. Possibly for good. Once we phase into the “post” pandemic era we will begin to see how empty offices and WFH plays out. Until then, business owners need to adapt quickly to this ever changing, unpredictable new normal. Thankfully there is software out there that’s ahead of its time, like SYNCRO. SYNCRO was designed with an out of office philosophy.

The idea is that no matter where you are, or how you work, you can stay connected to your website leads with SYNCRO. There’s never been a corporate chat software solution that’s been this easy to use, this flexible and this engaging.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits for using SYNCRO as your preferred solution for enterprise chat software.

Corporate Chat Software

Locations & departments are a must have feature in any enterprise level chat software solution

SYNCRO Groups works for groups, locations and departments within businesses. It’s an efficient way to route leads right from the chat bubble on your website. It’s unnecessary to have one person tied to their desktop waiting to direct leads that come in online. With SYNCRO Groups, you can easily set up and manage multiple departments and even multiple locations.

For instance if you have a corporation with multiple branch locations, SYNCRO can present the website visitor with a directory menu when they call up the chat window. Rather than having to be routed through a central switchboard. They will be able to pick from the location they would like to be directed to immediately.

This is much more efficient for your customer because it cuts down on waiting time. It’s also much more empowering for your business workforce because they cut down on the resolution time required per customer.

SYNCRO works for all types of businesses!

There are multiple business verticals who can benefit from SYNCRO’s corporate chat software solution. We have seen business in the real estate industry through to healthcare and professional services benefit immensely from this powerful yet simple solution.

Employees also love the flexibility and anonymity SYNCRO brings to the table. While business owners love the accountability and transparency. Among all the other features that come standard with SYNCRO the value for this enterprise level chat software solution is outstanding.

Corporate Chat Software

Group send is a unique way to incentivize your corporate sales team into being more responsive!

The Group send is a very select add-on feature that is available only with SYNCRO.

A chat can come in from the website and be sent simultaneously to multiple devices using the Group send option. Each operator who is on the Group Send list will receive the same text message when a lead comes in. Where things get interesting with Group Send is next. The first operator to respond to the chat essentially “wins” the conversation with the lead. They are free to continue on the conversation with the contact. The other operators can follow along with the entirety of the dialogue via text.

This has been a very effective feature for large sales teams because it allows for a little friendly competition. Since SYNCRO works with any device that has an Internet connection it’s also incredibly fair. SYNCRO doesn’t require an app for installation to any device. This makes it incredibly cost beneficial to a business owner because there won’t be a need for expensive device upgrades for your employees. They can use whatever device they are currently using, so long as it connects to the Internet.

SYNCRO provides unique features to businesses such as Group Send while looking out for your bottom line.

Device Anonymity

Device Anonymity – Google Voice Integration

Another very important benefit to consider for your employees in today’s day and age is anonymity and privacy.

When employees are using their personal devices to handle business communications things can get messy. Lines get blurred and possibly the most frustrating – conversations with customers get lost. Thankfully with SYNCRO you can take away some of that concern.

SYNCRO uses a generic number to route text message leads from your website. That means, you can go ahead and use your own personal mobile phone to respond to the customer. They will only ever see the generic number that we have provided. Your personal mobile number stays masked behind that generic number. This is great for businesses who have been forced into WFH situations without access to huge amounts of capital to purchase a fleet of new mobiles for their workforce. It allows everyone to keep the phone they know how to operate and you don’t have to fork out a whole bunch of up front cash just to stay productive.

Connect SYNCRO to your website, plug in your employees mobile numbers and you’ll be off to the races when it comes to staying in touch with your customers. The SYNCRO corporate chat solution is like a WFH directory for your team!

Use Google Voice + SYNCRO for even more flexibility

If you have more devices that you need to connect with or your employees are always moving about then we also suggest using SYNCRO with Google Voice. SYNCRO + Google Voice allows you to receive chats and text messages simultaneously across your devices. That means that when a lead comes in from your website it will be sent at the same time to your phone, desktop computer, and even your tablet!

Wherever you have the Google Voice app connected to will receive the message. Since you’ll be routing the website chats through SYNCRO + Google Voice, you’ll still get access to all the same privacy features as above. Google Voice will allow you to easily move from device to device. This gives you even more flexibility for your employees. They can now take a chat on their computer and if they need to move it over to their mobile device then they will be able to do so.

As a business owner you won’t have to worry about not knowing what is happening with all those leads. You can login at any time to see how many chats have come in, who has responded and even more importantly who was missed so that you can follow up. SYNCRO is all about being as engaging as possible.

It’s our mission to ensure you never miss a website lead ever again!

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