Why SYNCRO is the best live chat software for car dealers

Is your car dealership still a bit old school and needing to catch up with the times? For many years car dealerships ran on just the car and the sales techniques of the salesman, but with the emergence of technology, you have many more tools you can use to drive sales for your dealership. Here are 5 reasons why you need live chat software on your car dealership website.

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User Experience

With the internet being the most powerful tool for shopping these days, car buyers are no longer wanting to go to a dealership. Many people are browsing online these days and are looking for general information about the car they are interested in. Having a chat service on your website allows you to interact with your users in real time, so that they can get the answers they want right away. If you behind the times and do not have a chat tool on your website, chances are your competitors do, and you’re losing out on sales.

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Generating Leads

Most car dealerships won’t have issues actually getting visitors on their site, it’s getting those visitors to purchase a vehicle on your site that is the problem. As mentioned above, people are using the internet more and more for purchasing a vehicle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of the sales are coming from the website. Having a live chat app on your website allows you to turn the many visitors you get to your site, into qualified leads. It is a proven fact that having a chat tool on your website can actually double the leads you are getting online.

If you’re wondering what this tool may look like on your website, click here to see it in action.

online chat software,live chat app,best chatting app

Easy Integration

Now that we’ve talked a bit about why you need a live chat app on your website, let’s talk about how easy it is to install and the different settings available for you.

SYNCRO is very user friendly and easy to install. All you need to do is place the small piece of embed code into your site’s code, and BOOM it’s working on all pages of your website.

You can also use our PowerLinks to add a “Chat Now” button to each of the car’s individual details pages. This call to action entices the user to click on that button to get information immediately. Without this you may be losing out on a sale. Click here to learn more about this amazing feature.

We understand that many car dealers have a large staff of salespeople, and with SYNCRO you’re able to set your live chat app to whoever you would like, and with our chat scheduler you can even set the schedule months ahead of time. Set it once, and forget it!

For more information about having online chat software on your website, and the best chatting app around, contact us at SYNCRO today.

Forget the apps and try out the best SMS marketing tool today

Have you spent countless hours in your app store looking for the best chatting app, only to find that you’ve basically wasted your time and money? Well you can close that app down, clear it, and put your phone down. Because we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here at SYNCRO we understand the industry and our customers, and before the concepts were designed, and the code was written, we knew what our customers wanted… NO APPS! So with that in mind we did our research online searching for things like sms marketing tools, text marketing, and a live chat app. Do you know what we found? Absolutely nothing that didn’t require an app download on your device. So we knew we just had to develop a program that was app free, and easy to use.

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I could go into ALL of our features again, but I just did that a month ago! We’d rather our blog doesn’t get bogged down with the same content each month. So if you’d like to give it a read go here!

What we’ll do instead is look into why you should use live chat software that doesn’t involve downloading an app, and why.

The Cons of an app

Before I get into this list, I’d like to clarify that as software developers we fully support our industry, and understand that apps are important for the functionality and enjoyment of your device… they just don’t need to be used for everything! So please don’t hate us after reading this.

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When it comes to looking for the right app, too much competition can be very frustrating. If you search for “chat programs” in your app store, you could be left with hundreds of apps to choose from. You might be thinking “why is that a problem?” As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you are now spending hours and perhaps money on all of these apps, and none of them could be what you’re looking for.

This point is important as most apps are able to be downloaded and used on many different platforms. The main problem with this is when an OS is updated the app can become outdated and may conflict with the new update. You are then left waiting for the developer to fix the bugs and release a new patch. Being that we develop software ourselves, we know how long those things can take. Did you also know that SYNCRO works without data? All you need is your SMS enabled on your phone and away you go!

Some of the apps may be free, but then you’re left with those pesky ads popping up every time you click a button, plus they are probably data mining your phone… To remove the ads, you will have to pay – so what’s the point? Then there are the apps that cost an arm and a leg just to purchase in the first place. Then if you don’t like it, you’ve already wasted your money, and most don’t offer a free trial.

The Pros of SYNCRO vs an app

When it comes to a live chat app, the biggest pro to SYNCRO is that it’s not really an app, in that it’s not in the same vein as a mobile app. With SYNCRO you don’t download a single thing to your phone, and it works without being connected to any data network.

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The first thing we’ll do is offer you a free trial (again most apps won’t do this), and setup the account for you. All you need to do is add the simple piece of embed code to your website and BOOM, you have a working online chat tool right on your website.

When a user starts a chat with you it goes directly to your mobile phone as a text message, using your phones default texting application. You are then able to respond to that message just like you would if one of your friends or family were sending you a text message, from virtually anywhere I might add.

With SYNCRO it’s that simple. No time wasted looking for apps, no money wasted trying all these apps, just an easy simple solution that works on any SMS enabled phone.

If we haven’t caught your attention by now, feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through all of our features, and get you setup with the easiest online chat tool on the market, in seconds.


The best SMS solution for your business

These days lead generation from your website is the best way to gain new business, or sell your products and services. But there is no magic here, and if you’re not utilizing the best tools to generate leads from your website, you are just wasting your money. Does this sound like you? Are you looking for a list of the best SMS services for business? We don’t have a list per say, but that’s just because we know we’d be at the top of that list!

At SYNCRO web chat we offer you the best ways to generate quality leads from your website using our online chat tool, and all the other products it includes. Before we started SYNCRO we had been, and still are, in the internet marketing business. With over 20 years of experience we understand how important generating leads from your website is, and best of all, we know how to make it happen. With that knowledge in mind, SYNCRO was born.

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Let’s take a look back at what the lead generation trends have been in the industry: Email links, basic contact forms, and basic PC to PC chat tools. While these techniques are still being used today, they’re just not enough anymore.

Contact forms still work great, but only if you’re paying attention to the leads coming in, and are actually following through with them. The problem with relying on this method alone, is the user is always left waiting for the owner to eventually respond.

PC to PC online chat tools can also work… if the owner wants to spend their own time, or hire someone to spend time on the website all day and night, waiting to reply to a chat request.

best SMS services for business,online chat tool,online chat software

This is where SYNCRO comes in. We have used our years of experience and knowledge of the industry to give you the best SMS services for business. Our website chat software allows you to receive and respond to chat requests from your website right on your cell phone! Whether you are out for lunch, on the road (don’t text and drive), or just taking a day off from the office, you will always be available to chat with a customer without having to sit in front of your computer.

Given how powerful SYNCRO’s online chat software is, we could just stop at the chat tool and let everyone reap the rewards, but that’s not how we roll. We have built in many features into SYNCRO, and if you click on each one below, you can get a detailed breakdown of how they work.

SYNCRO includes an additional “Text Me Tab” so that if you’re unable to chat, the user can still send you a test. We also have our “Chat Trigger,” so if you’re away from the phone or driving, a custom automated message will pop-up on your behalf. But if you don’t want a robot speaking for you, you can also use our “Chat Rollover” feature that rolls the chat over to another person, if you cannot respond yourself.

We also include a contact form that you can add to your website that we call a “PowerForm.” You can embed a contact form directly into your website in minutes, and it is tied to your SYNCRO account, so all the leads coming from your website, including the online chat tool, are stored in the same place.

This is just a brief summary on a few of the ways SYNCRO can increase the lead generation from your website. So put away that list of best SMS services for business, because you have now found the best one. Give us a call to try out the one and only SYNCRO, FREE for 7 days!


Live Chat Software How-to: – Powerlinks

Whether you are new to SYNCRO or an existing client, you may not know of the amazing feature we call Powerlinks. With a basic SYNCRO install the chat window shows up either in the middle or your screen or minimized to the bottom right, but with Powerlinks you can add a text link or image link anywhere on the site to call up the chat tool.

If you’re looking for a modern live chat software, in this article we are going to explain how you can easily integrate the 2 types of Powerlinks.

Text Link

The Text Link Powerlink is exactly how it sounds, it is just a selected piece of text that is setup to open the chat tool. For example you can have it read something like “Click here to chat with us now” and when clicked, the chat tool opens.

Graphic Link

A Graphic Link is a bit more complicated, but just as easy to setup. The Graphic Link is a specified image that you have set to open the chat tool when clicked. Just like the text link, you can place this anywhere in your site.


Here we are going to walk you through the simple steps of setting up one of these 2 types of Powerlinks. Before we get started you want to make sure you have installed your main SYNCRO account’s embed code put immediately before your closing </body> tag.

<script>var syncrowebchat = { shortname: “syncro-account-shortname” };</script>
<script src=”https://stable.syncrowebchat.com/js/v2/embed.js”></script>
<div id=”syncro-webchat”></div>

1. The first thing you will need to do is login to your SYNCRO account here https://stable.syncrowebchat.com/user/login

2. Once you have logged in click on the “MySite(s)” button in the top menu.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

3. Next click on the “Settings” tab, then click the “Powerlinks” tab.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

4. Click the “Add New” button.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

5. In the “Type” field dropdown select either Text or Graphic.

6. If you are selecting “Graphic” this is where you upload the image.

7. Next add some text into the “Alt Text” and Call Action Title.” Something like “Chat with us now” will work just fine.

8. Next enter the “Description.” A good example would be “SYNCRO will connect you with a real person so you can get what you want instantly!”

9. Once you have done all that, click on the “Save Changes” button.

10. You will now be directed to a page that shows all of your current Powerlinks. You will notice that the list also states what type of Powerlink has been setup. To grab your code click on the “Manage” button.

11. To add your text or graphic link simply copy the link provided below the “PowerLink Embed Code for Above Ad” title, and paste it directly into your website text or code.

12. You are done!

If you’re looking for online chat software or any more of our amazing, contact SYNCRO today!

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Modern Live Chat Software Feature – Sticky Chat

Here at SYNCRO our wheels are always turning, looking for new things we can integrate into our software, and new features we can add for our customers. If you’re looking for a modern live chat software, in this new feature article we are going to be outlining out newest feature…STICKY CHAT!

We have taken our original chat tool and re-skinned it with a brand new modern design. The Sticky Chat mode sticks to the bottom right of the browser window at all times, giving our users a more familiar look and feel to an online chat tool.

It is now easier than ever to change between our classic and modern design, just by a few clicks of your mouse.

Classic vs. Sticky

Here we are going to outline the difference between the 2 styles, so you have a better understanding of the new design.

Let’s first start off by saying the function of the chat tool itself has not changed, the sticky chat tool is mainly aesthetic.

Click image to enlarge

How It Works

The new Sticky Chat design works and functions exactly like our classic design, just with a new look and feel. To switch to the Sticky Chat you just need to log into your SYNCRO account, click on settings, and scroll down to “Start Mode.” Simply select Sticky Chat from the dropdown and you’re done!

If you’re looking for online chat software and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!