SYNCRO How-to – Powerlinks

Whether you are new to SYNCRO or live chat for website tools, you may not know of the amazing feature we call Powerlinks. With a basic SYNCRO install the chat window shows up either in the middle or your screen or minimized to the bottom right, but with Powerlinks you can add a text link or image link anywhere on the site to call up the chat tool.

If you’re looking for a modern live chat software, in this article we are going to explain how you can easily integrate the 2 types of Powerlinks.

Text Link

The Text Link Powerlink is exactly how it sounds, it is just a selected piece of text that is setup to open the chat tool. For example you can have it read something like “Click here to chat with us now” and when clicked, the chat tool opens.

Graphic Link

A Graphic Link is a bit more complicated, but just as easy to setup. The Graphic Link is a specified image that you have set to open the chat tool when clicked. Just like the text link, you can place this anywhere in your site.


Here we are going to walk you through the simple steps of setting up one of these 2 types of Powerlinks. Before we get started you want to make sure you have installed your main SYNCRO account’s embed code put immediately before your closing </body> tag.

<script>var syncrowebchat = { shortname: “syncro-account-shortname” };</script>
<script src=””></script>
<div id=”syncro-webchat”></div>

1. The first thing you will need to do is login to your SYNCRO account here

2. Once you have logged in click on the “MySite(s)” button in the top menu.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

3. Next click on the “Settings” tab, then click the “Powerlinks” tab.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

4. Click the “Add New” button.
modern live chat software,live chat for website,website chat for real estate

5. In the “Type” field dropdown select either Text or Graphic.

6. If you are selecting “Graphic” this is where you upload the image.
upload file

7. Next add some text into the “Alt Text” and Call Action Title.” Something like “Chat with us now” will work just fine.

8. Next enter the “Description.” A good example would be “SYNCRO will connect you with a real person so you can get what you want instantly!”
call to action

9. Once you have done all that, click on the “Save Changes” button.
save button

10. You will now be directed to a page that shows all of your current Powerlinks. You will notice that the list also states what type of Powerlink has been setup. To grab your code click on the “Manage” button.
powerlinks table

11. To add your text or graphic link simply copy the link provided below the “PowerLink Embed Code for Above Ad” title, and paste it directly into your website text or code.
powerlink code

12. You are done!

If you’re looking for live chat for website or any more of our amazing, contact SYNCRO today!

Modern Live Chat Software Feature – Sticky Chat

Here at SYNCRO our wheels are always turning, looking for new things we can integrate into our chat tools for websites, and new features we can add for our customers. If you are looking for a modern live chat software, in this new feature article we are going to be outlining out newest feature…STICKY CHAT!

We have taken our original chat tool and re-skinned it with a brand new modern design. The Sticky Chat mode sticks to the bottom right of the browser window at all times, giving our users a more familiar look and feel to an online chat tool.

It is now easier than ever to change between our classic and modern design, just by a few clicks of your mouse. If you’re a current client and want to switch to the new Sticky Chat version, use our chat tool below to contact us.

Classic vs. Sticky

Here we are going to outline the difference between the 2 styles, so you have a better understanding of the new design.

Let’s first start off by saying the function of the chat tool itself has not changed, the sticky chat tool is mainly aesthetic and works exactly the same as our other chat tool versions.

chat tools for websites
Click image to enlarge

How It Works

The new Sticky Chat design works and functions exactly like our classic design, just with a new look and feel. To switch to the Sticky Chat you just need to log into your SYNCRO account, click on settings, and scroll down to “Start Mode.” Simply select Sticky Chat from the dropdown and you’re done!

chat tools for websites
If you are looking for chat tools for websites and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO or click here to sign up today!

New Online Chat Software Feature – Advanced Chat Scheduling

Are you finding that your free live chat for website is working too well, and you’re constantly getting messages during family time or in the middle of the night? Well, have we got a feature for you! With SYNCRO’s Advanced Chat Scheduling, you can disable the chat tool at specific days and time of the day!

live chat for website,website chat for real estate,online chat software

How It Works

SYNCRO’s chat scheduling has 2 options. The first option being that you can set the time in which the chat tool shows up on your site. So if you only want the tool on your site during business hours, you just set the time from 9-5.  And if you’re a night owl then just do the opposite. No matter the time of day you can schedule when you are available to chat with users. It’s that simple!

The second option is a new feature we have just added. Here at SYNCRO we always listen to client feedback and strive to build in features we find will be useful for our clients.
You can now also choose the days of the week that the chat tool shows up on the site. You simply enable or disable the checkboxes next to each day of the week, and you’re done! If you have other ideas or improvements you’d like to see built into our software, we are always listening so give us a call, 250-763-9453!

live chat for website,website chat for real estate,online chat software

We understand that not everyone is computer savvy, so if you are a current SYNCRO client and are looking to enable this feature, but aren’t comfortable setting it up, give us a call and let us know what days and times you’d like the schedule to reflect.

If you’re looking for free live chat for website and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO or click here to sign up today!