As the cost of living increases in Canada, many business owners are looking for ways to cut down on spending. This has become a goal for several companies that need to boost their revenue and simultaneously reduce operating costs. With corporate chat software like Syncro, this goal can easily be achieved. Live web chat provides a number of benefits to all sorts of businesses—one of them being the ability to increase monthly profit and decrease operating costs. But, how is this possible? And, what’s the difference between a chat tool and talking over the phone?  In this article, we will be going over the answers to these questions and more. Follow along below to learn more about how corporate chat software can reduce your business’s operating costs!

  • Corporate Chat Software Comes With Greater Efficiency

Traditionally, customer support has been done by one or several individuals who answer the phone and help the person on the other end of the line. While this method works, it is not efficient. This is because one person can only answer one call at a time. Whereas, with corporate chat software, one person can respond to several inquiries at one time. This means you can have fewer employees responding to customer service requests, and avoid having your clients wait on hold for hours. All of which, equates to fewer salaries to pay and a better customer experience!

Furthermore, with live chat software, you can hire freelancers or remote workers to respond to chats. Customers expect responsiveness at all times during the day, making live chat the perfect tool. Instead of only being able to answer customer questions in the office, you can make yourself available anywhere, at any time. Or, you can set up an automated message that lets customers know when you’ll be next available. 

  • Faster Problem Solving

Speaking over the phone or conversing via email often takes a long time. But, with a chat tool like Syncro, you can text your customers and support them exactly how they need it. The ability to text your customers makes the customer support process much simpler and quicker. Instead of having to verbally explain things or wait hours for a response, texting provides you with the ability to quickly chat and send helpful documentation. The faster problems get solved, the lower the operating costs for your business. Avoid hour-long phone calls and large email threads with straightforward corporate chat software! 

  • Bye Bye Phone Supportcorporate-chat-software

Nobody likes talking on the phone. It is expensive. It takes time. And, can often result in a bad customer experience. Many businesses have been paying for toll-free numbers since the 1960s. These numbers were designed to allow customers to contact businesses from long distances without having to pay a fee. However, for the business owner, these numbers are costly and require maintenance. Depending on the number of calls a company gets per day, the price can add up quite quickly. For smaller businesses, phone support is too costly to consider as an option. On the contrary, live chat is a much more budget-friendly option. This is because it is cheaper to maintain and allows employees to help multiple customers at one time. 

  • Better Opportunities to Upsell

Upsell revenue has been proven to increase with the use of a live chat tool. Your upsell revenue is a way to grow your revenue by increasing your average order value. Typically, upselling occurs when the seller is able to convince the customer to spend more money by:

  • recommending a more expensive product;
  • an upgrade;
  • or, an add-on

Live chat provides better opportunities to upsell than any other channel of communication because it is a more natural way to converse with a customer. Furthermore, live chat allows for better clarity and a more visually engaging experience. Instead of being limited to what you can say over the phone, live chat makes it possible to send links, images, and explanations in real time! 

It is significantly easier to upsell a buyer with live chat as opposed to phone or email. By converting more leads to sales during support chats, you will be earning a direct profit. And, the quick and simple communication process will leave clients satisfied with their experience. 

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