These days everyone is using the internet for everything, whether it’s buying an item online or just looking for a specific service. So having a user friendly tool on your site for your customers to get in touch with you is critical. A live chat software for website has an amazing impact on both the user and the business. Here are 5 benefits of a live chat tool and what it can do for your business.

live chat software for website

Users love it

Studies and statistics are now showing that these days more and more people are responding positively to a live chat software for website, and people actually prefer it over the phone and email. It gives the customer the ability to speak with someone in real-time and get the information quickly, which everyone prefers. It also allows them to review the conversation they have had with the rep, which is something you can’t do from a phone call.

live chat software for website

Efficiency is Key

Speaking with a customer on the phone is still great for customer service, but it has one major down fall, each representative can only speak with one person at a time. With a live chat tool, the sales or customer service rep can speak will multiple people at a time, allowing them to meet all of their customer’s needs.

live chat software for website

Building Customer Trust

Everyone is different, and while some people may prefer phone or email, having the option of live chat also adds to the options you give the customer on your website. When you have this, customers feel you are more responsive and attentive, which leads the customer to build trust in your service.

chat tool website

Open 24/7

Most businesses are only open for specific hours and days of the week. A live chat tool allows you to stay open and available for your customers for longer hours during the day and on weekends. Some people may not have the time during the day as they are also working, and having the chat available around their schedule shows that you care about their business.

sales chat tool

Surpass the Competition

The last, but definitely not least, benefit in this list is what a chat tool can do to boost you past the competition. Do some research on your competition, see what they’re doing to interact with their customers. Having a chat tool on your website allows you to have a leg up, and interact with a customer in a way your competition can’t. The user will always pick the company/website that gives them the best service available.

These are just a few of the many, many benefits of a website chat tool can benefit your business, contact SYNCRO to find our more, or click here to sign up today!