A live chat provider can be beneficial for all sorts of businesses in various industries. From hair salons to landscaping companies, live chat is for everyone. To showcase the versatility of live chat, we are going to be spotlighting the benefits and use cases for real estate professionals. Whether you are an up-and-coming agent or an experienced broker, we are here to show you how live chat can be used to further your real estate career. Follow along below to learn more about using a live chat provider for your real estate endeavours!

Why Use Live Chat for Real Estate?

Real estate is a personal industry. As a REALTOR® you spend several hours of your day working with people to achieve some of the largest transactions they will make in their lifetime! With rising interest rates and increased cost of living in Canada, many people are looking to relocate to more affordable cities. Because of this, a large percentage of buyers are unable to view potential properties in-person. Or, meet face-to-face with their real estate agent. This is where a live chat provider comes into play. Instead of having to communicate via E-mail or over the phone, prospective buyers can communicate with agents online at their own convenience. They can get support and ask questions while they are browsing through listings. 

The vast majority of homebuyers in today’s climate begin their search for real estate online. So, having the option for people to message agents and get real-time responses is extremely advantageous. Not only will live chat boost your customer experience, but it will also set you apart from the competition. Still not convinced that live chat is right for you? Then, check out these benefits!

Benefits of Using a Live Chat Provider as an Agent/Brokerage

  • Increased Customer Engagement

As an agent or broker, one of the biggest challenges you face is retaining customer engagement on your website. Clients may use your website to search for properties or look at comparable listings, but, when they are done they usually do not take action. This is because meeting over the phone or in person feels like too big of a commitment to make at that point in their journey. However, with a live chat tool, it gives prospective clients a chance to ask questions informally and get the ball rolling. 

  • Live Chat is Convenient

What’s more convenient than having your questions answered in real time? With live chat, it’s easy for customers to get in touch with an agent and get the answers they need to progress in their homebuying/home-selling journey. This is especially true for those who are looking to make real estate decisions from out of town. Clients can browse through your website while getting support from your team.

  • More Business

One of the greatest benefits of live chat is the ability to turn website traffic into leads. Using chat forms, prompts and surveys are all great ways to engage potential clients. For instance, most Syncro clients have a welcome message that encourages visitors to begin a conversation. This can then lead to booking showings, suggesting listings, and/or setting up a face-to-face meeting. Having the option for website viewers to engage with a real person during their visit is essential in generating more business. 

More Benefits!

  • Build Better Customer Relationships

With a live chat provider, it becomes easy to build better customer relationships. This is because you are making their experience more positive, while also forming a prospect profile. Any conversation with a potential customer is going to include key information about your consumer. You can use this information to get to know them and what they need. From the number of bedrooms they want to their preferred neighbourhood, all of this data can be gathered from your initial chat. This will help you tailor your responses to each prospective client. 

  • Set up Automated Messaging for After Hours

As a real estate professional, you know that communication is of the utmost importance. And, you also know that this sometimes requires meeting/corresponding with clients outside of regular office hours. Live chat is a great way to connect with potential clients after hours or when you’re away. You can do so by setting up automated messaging to ensure that your prospects aren’t left hanging.

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