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Modern Live Chat Software Feature – Sticky Chat

Here at SYNCRO our wheels are always turning, looking for new things we can integrate into our software, and new features we can add for our customers. If you’re looking for a modern live chat software, in this new feature article we are going to be outlining out newest feature…STICKY CHAT!

We have taken our original chat tool and re-skinned it with a brand new modern design. The Sticky Chat mode sticks to the bottom right of the browser window at all times, giving our users a more familiar look and feel to an online chat tool.

It is now easier than ever to change between our classic and modern design, just by a few clicks of your mouse.

Classic vs. Sticky

Here we are going to outline the difference between the 2 styles, so you have a better understanding of the new design.

Let’s first start off by saying the function of the chat tool itself has not changed, the sticky chat tool is mainly aesthetic.

Click image to enlarge

How It Works

The new Sticky Chat design works and functions exactly like our classic design, just with a new look and feel. To switch to the Sticky Chat you just need to log into your SYNCRO account, click on settings, and scroll down to “Start Mode.” Simply select Sticky Chat from the dropdown and you’re done!

If you’re looking for online chat software and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!

live chat software for website

New Online Chat Software Feature – Advanced Chat Scheduling

Are you finding that your online chat software is working too well, and you’re constantly getting messages during family time or in the middle of the night? Well, have we got a feature for you! With SYNCRO’s Advanced Chat Scheduling, you can disable the chat tool at specific times, and more!

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How It Works

SYNCRO’s chat scheduling has 2 options. The first option being that you can set the time in which the chat tool shows up on your site. So if you only want the tool on your site during business hours, you just set the time from 9-5. It’s that simple!

The second option is a new feature we have just added. Here at SYNCRO we always listen to client feedback and strive to build in features we find will be useful for our clients.
You can now also choose the days of the week that the chat tool shows up on the site. You simply enable or disable the checkboxes next to each day of the week, and you’re done!

live chat for website,website chat for real estate,online chat software

If you’re looking for online chat software and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!

New Live Chat for Website Feature – Text and Graphic Powerlinks

Are you wanting a live chat tool on your website but don’t want the chat dialogue box to popup right in the users face on first load, but rather when they click a link or graphic? Well we’ve got the answer! SYNCRO’s live chat software has a cool featured called “Powerlinks”. Powerlinks are a great way to launch the live chat tool from any link or graphic.

How It Works

This description won’t be long because SYNCRO’s Powerlinks is that easy to use! Powerlinks allows you to add a text link or image anywhere on your site, and when the user clicks the Powerlink, it opens up the chat window.

This tool is great for real estate agents wanting a “Chat Now” link or button on their site or listing details, or even on websites like car dealership sites, when the user can chat with a car salesperson right away. You can even customize further by sending variables to the chat box in case you want the dialogue to engage in different ways. For more on how to customize your live chat box dynamically, please visit this blog article.

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Is it easy to setup?

SYNCRO’s Powerlinks is extremely easy to setup and install. You simply click on the Powerlinks tab in your account settings, click the Add New button, choose Graphic or Text/Link, input the info you want in the SYNCRO popup window, and that’s it! Once you have finished these easy steps the instructions on how to install are given to you.

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If you’re looking for online chat software for your website with SMS support, and a great way to chat with your users on any type of website page or directory, contact SYNCRO today!

live chat software for website

Get Massive Leads for Your Website Using this Simple Tool

Capturing and nurturing new leads from your website is a very common problem with virtually 99% of all websites on the planet. Here at SYNCRO we have developed a tool that will help you to potentially convert every single person that visits your website into a lead. Increase your sales, by using SYNCRO now.

Our lead conversion, live chat software uses SMS to deliver the message to your sales people allowing them to stay on the go and do what they do best -SELL.

Not only does our chat software send the message directly to your phone via SMS it has intelligence built in, in case you miss the chat request. I am going to outline a few of the features below that make our service unique and will help you convert more sales – best of all you can try it totally free with no commitment and we even help you to install it on your website.

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How live chat to SMS works

SYNCRO bridges the gap between standard live website chat software and SMS, by sending the conversation directly to your cell phone via text message. You no longer need to be sitting at your desk to talk to your customers. SYNCRO works on all mobile phones and best of all you do not need to download any apps or software for it to work. Setup is done in seconds, and all that is needed is your phone number to send the chat to.

What happens if I miss the chat

We at SYNCRO understand that with the hustle and bustle of life, you aren’t always able to respond to text messages right away, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have developed intelligence and logic tools to make sure that your customers aren’t left waiting for you to respond.

online chat software,website chat software,live chat for website

Chat Trigger
Our chat trigger setting allows you to setup an autoresponder, in case you are unable to get to the chat within the specified amount of time you have set in the setting. We have a few auto-generated responses you can choose from, but we also gave you the ability to set one with a more human response, such as:

“Hi Steve, I have received your chat request, please give me a few moments to respond. If I don’t respond within 60 seconds, I am currently driving. Please leave me your phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I am stopped.”

This custom message allows the auto-response to sound a bit more human, and not auto-generated. It typically results in the user feeling more comfortable that you have responded, and they will leave their contact details for you to follow up with them when you are ready. 1000x times better than a standard contact form, which most chat tools employ when you are online.

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Chat Rollover
If you have a business partner or another sales person, you can also use the Chat Rollover feature. The Chat Rollover setting allows you to set another name and phone number to receive the messages, if you are unable to get to the phone. You can set the amount of time the software takes to switch to the rollover number, so that you still have the option to answer the message. But if you can’t, there’s someone else there who can. This feature is unique to SYNCRO and allows small teams to engage quickly with live chat request, improving the overall experience of every customer that comes to your website.

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Group Send
If you have multiple partners or employees that you would like to receive the messages, then you can try using the Group Send option. The Group Send feature allows you to have multiple agents receive the chat requests all at once. The first person to respond now takes over the conversation. This option is great as it makes sure that your customer never has to wait, as there is always someone there!

online chat software,website chat software,live chat for website

Can I customize SYNCRO to match my branding?
Before SYCNRO was even a lightbulb in our heads, we were and still are, a web development company and marketing agency. We understand the importance of your brand and keeping it consistent, so we developed the ability to completely customize the look of the SYNCRO online chat tool to match the look of your website. Visit our Latest Features page to see this, and all our amazing features in action.

What else does your software do?

Now that you have a bit of an understanding of what our online chat software can do, you may be wondering what else we have in store for you.

online chat software,website chat software,live chat for website

Keep track of leads in one location
We understand how infuriating it can be when you’ve misplaced someone’s contact information. So we’ve made sure that all leads through SYNCRO are stored and easily accessible in your SYNCRO account. All chat conversations are stored in the “Leads/Conversations” tab in your account.

Did we also mention that SYNCRO has the ability to create a contact form to place on your website? Well we do! By clicking on the “PowerForms” tab you have the ability to create a contact form and embed it into your website, with just one small line of code. The leads from your contact form are also stored in your backend, in the same spot as the chat leads! This means ALL of your leads are stored in one convenient place. No more spending time sifting through past emails, or the garbage can, looking for the info you have lost.

online chat software,website chat software,live chat for website

Stat Tracking
Understanding where your leads are coming from is huge for your business, so we have given you the ability to track your chats, emails, phone calls and more. SYNCRO’s real time stat tracking allows you to get a better sense of how users are contacting you, and using that information in the future to build better lead generation strategies on your website. You can even use SYNCRO as an outbound sales tool, just ask us how!

If you’re serious about lead generation and sales conversions from your website, our website chat software is the way to go. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at SYNCRO live chat to text today at 877-762-9453, or better yet go to our website and start up a chat with us! We’d be glad to chat with you, and get you started on the best decision you can make for your business.

New Feature – Agent on Duty Tool

Are you a large brokerage with many agents? Having an office with many agents allows you to have an Agent on Duty tool, so that your visitors are always able to speak with an agent. Even better, with SYNCRO’s agent on duty live chat for real estate brokerage website tool, the user can speak with an agent in real time, without having to pick up the phone.

live chat software for website,website chat software,website chat for real estate

How It Works

Here at SYNCRO we have developed an agent on duty tool that pulls directly from your agent profiles in your SYNCRO account, and when the “Chat Now” button is clicked it pulls up that agent in the SYNCRO popup window.

live chat software for website,website chat software,website chat for real estate

Scheduling Agents

We believe making our software user friendly is very important. So we have built in an extremely to user friendly calendar for our agent on duty tool.

All of your agents SYNCRO profiles are displayed on the calendar page in tile format, making it easy for you to just drag and drop agents into the calendar below.

If you need to change the agent on duty for that day, you can easily just click the garbage can icon to remove the current agent, and drag the agent you wish to that date.

If you’re looking for a live chat for real estate website tool and an agent on duty tool, for you real estate website, contact SYNCRO today!