SYNCRO Quick Start Guide

SYNCRO Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SYNCRO : Website Chat to Text

Never miss a sales lead again. Engage your leads on the go!


  • Log in to and customize your settings now.
  • Pay close attention to settings such as your scheduling (the hours of operation you would like for the chat tool displayed). Depending on how you currently handle your online leads you may also want to adjust:
  • Your personalization options such as your welcome message (call to action), and photo (avatar)
  • The rollover option if you are part of a team or have an assistant who leads should roll to if you are busy
  • The chat trigger (auto responder) if you are busy or driving and cannot immediately respond to your leads (defaults are set automatically, but we suggest you customize this to reflect how you do business offline)
  • Add this number 1 (778) 588-9305 to the contacts section of your mobile phone. We suggest you use SYNCRO as the contact name or something similar so that you recognize that it is an incoming lead that requires your immediate attention.

For more details on specific features please visit our FAQ section or read this post.




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Why SYNCRO is different from other chat tools?

What is SYNCRO all about and why did you build it?
SYNCRO was originally developed to help our existing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) clients convert their web traffic into instantaneous leads. We found that there was a massive shift in abandoned contact forms and we knew there had to be a better way to capture and captivate that online traffic and provide them with the immediate answers they were craving.

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SYNCRO Getting Started Guide

Never miss a sales lead again. Engage your leads on the go! Welcome to SYNCRO website chat to text. With SYNCRO you can use the power of texting to engage with your website leads instantaneously, from anywhere. The following guide will help you set up your SYNCRO custom settings, and have you up and running in a few minutes.