First Drive to 225 Reseller Campaign A Success

Goal. Check.

In less than one year we were able to reach our goal of 225 re-sellers.  We gave ourselves one year to do it and we’re feeling pretty hot to trot that we achieved it in less than 10 months.

Actually if we were to be exact it took us 283 days or equal to 9 months and 8 days. But who’s counting?  Well we were.

Our re-sale strategy was simple. Find any one with a heartbeat that had a design agency, freelance community or network of clients who was already selling other solutions or wanted to start selling other software solutions. A lot of combing the www’s, forums, trolling blog comments and a lot of unreturned emails later and we’re here. There were too many days where we didn’t think we could do it, but once we cracked that 100 signup mark back in September we knew we were on our way. Keeping our heads down and focused, even though some days the rejection outweighed the signups was critical. Then we opened up our software to the world. Offering local SMS numbers to re-sellers in Australia, Brazil and even Russia.  That’s when things really started to catch fire.

Break out of North America that little voice kept cooing.  Glad we listened and took the risk.

Which brings us to February 1st, 2016 and here we sit with thousands of subscribers, dozens of signups rolling in per day and 225 re-sellers that span the globe from Kalamazoo, Michigan (it’s really a place!) to our hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Our next re-seller program (Club 500) is currently being developed and will likely feature the same revenue share model of 50%. We’re hoping to launch again in early spring once we take care of the long list of features and feedback we have on the go.

The biggest change we are making to our software is opening up our white label program even further so that our unlimited subscribers can take advantage of live website chat to SMS with their own branding front and center.

We’ve also branched out from #REtech to include live website chat to text messaging for automotive, portal and classified websites and are actively looking for partners in these verticals.

So thanks to all of our partners and clients!  We’re putting our noses back to the grindstone stay tuned for spring!


Integration Partners

We’ve been working on lots of integrations and we have even more of your favorite companies to follow very shortly!  Take a look at the SYNCRO  partner plugins, and exclusive relationships we’ve cultivated so far, and if you’re looking for your favorite CRM or CMS and don’t see it on the list please let us know, so we can build it for you!

Plugins available for:


Adobe Muse






Approved Partnerships with:


The Clareity Security Store


The National Association of Mortgage Brokers





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