live support chat softwareGive your members a way to communicate without leaving them exposed using live membership chat.

It’s time for a change to how we communicate on large portals and directory websites and live support chat software can do that.  Portals and directories were built to be mostly self serve for their large volumes of members, but the one thing that has always been lacking is the combination of immediacy and privacy.  If a client of a portal adds their mobile number into their profile or listing they can receive a text message from their customer, but they also risk exposing their personal number to malicious third party telemarketers and crazy people looking for friends in all the wrong places. With SYNCRO you can have the immediacy of text messaging enabled, but neither party has to divulge their precious mobile number (unless they really want to) and both client and customer can chat back and forth using your website portal/directory as the common ground.

Your website portal now transforms into an instant gratification safe house for commerce.

Live chat for membership portals and directories has never been available in this format until now. SYNCRO’s live support chat software allows you to enable live chat for your members as we are the only live chat system that not only doesn’t require an app or sign in for use, but we also don’t use a global operator based system.  All chats are uniquely tied to the individual’s personal cell phone number. This means that a question asked of a particular member about their product or service is going to be answered by that participating member and that member only. Translation: no superfluous admin staff costing you money, time and botching client inquiries because they aren’t qualified to answer appropriately. You’re now able to direct leads from your portal immediately to the member who has the correct answers without ever having to use a middleman or third party. This keeps the member happy because they can actually measure how many leads they’re getting, and it also keeps their clients happy because they get immediate answers and responsive communication. All in all it’s a new service offering for you to provide to your members with no additional staffing headaches or costs.

Membership Portal and Directory Demo Coming Soon! Engage with us for details, or sign up here.