How to use website chat to SMS for real estate.

There are a lot of chat tools out there, we aren’t denying that fact. You can choose from typical PC to PC chat tools and even chat tools that filter your leads through an answering service style call center before they are sent back to you, in pristine verified (albeit days old cold) condition.  SYNCRO is different.

For one, SYNCRO was developed specifically for real estate.  It’s true we have found other uses within other verticals where SYNCRO works beautifully, but at the basic level we designed this website chat tool for the demanding life of a real estate professional.   Understanding this fact is key when choosing a chat tool for your real estate business.

We know the real estate profession the same way we know our way around the office during a power outage, which means we feel your pain.  Always being pulled in different directions, from broker meetings, to client showings to flaky listing appointments.  Never mind the fact that you also want to try and squeeze some life out of your 24 hours! At the core that’s why we made SYNCRO. To accommodate your relentlessly busy, mobile schedule.

SYNCRO was designed to allow you to pick up and go mobile without worrying about missing leads from your online sales efforts. You’ve spent good money on websites, directory placement, SEM, SEO and online partnerships and we want you to be able to reap those traffic rewards and get some real conversions, without having to be chained to your desk in order to do so.  Or even worse, feeling guilty because you wanted to step away for a coffee or maybe even go watch your kids play a game of soccer.

SYNCRO lets you stay in touch with all of your online leads by sending chat style messages from your website visitors, your IDX listings on your brokers’ website portal and/or your directory ads, through to your mobile phone as a SMS text message.  This allows you to respond back to your chat leads instantly and start engaging with them to create a more human, more likeable interaction.  The side benefits of SYNCRO are as follows:

  • No learning curve – you already know how to text and you already have a website. And if you aren’t already using chat then you should be. Put all of this together and we guarantee your value as a responsive, engaging real estate agent will skyrocket.
  • No downloads – we know you want to keep your phone apps free for things like Facebook and Instagram, so we aren’t going to make you install something to take away from your faves. The upside is you also don’t have to remember a password to sign in for it to work. Once it’s set up in your website it just works.
  • IDX/MLS integration – Did you know that 48% of online leads never get responded to? That’s because email has become over negotiated either sipped over, forgotten about or just written off as SPAM.  Texting was designed to be instant and instant turns leads into lifetime customers.
  • Human to Human – It’s hard to do business with a brand these days. More and more people are becoming disheartened with technology because people are trying to automate engagement. You can’t.  You can automate the process, but you absolutely cannot afford to alienate your customers by passing them off.  Be genuine. Let them know that they are in fact talking to not only the horse’s mouth, but be responsive and let them know that their business matters.  90% of customers will continue to do business with the first agent who responds to them.

With all of these great benefits and our easy to use, pay per lead pricing system why wouldn’t you look for a website chat software that was designed with your life in the real estate sector in mind?

Have you found other ways to engage with your clients that are just as effective?  Give us some feedback in the comments!  Or better yet – put SYNCRO to the test with our no credit card required free to install trial.  We’ll give you ten free messages to kick our tires, so go ahead take your leads like your coffee – to go!