SYNCRO – Heading Back to San Francisco Already?

I guess we left our hearts in San Francisco.

We’ll soon be hitting the road back to the lovely City to attend Inman Connect as an exhibitor on start-up alley.  It seems we just unpacked after attending as a finalist and fan favorite in the amazingly orchestrated RealogyFWD15 Innovation event, but no complaints on our end!

We attended our first Inman Connect in New York City back in January of this year where we braved the storm of the century and introduced SYNCRO to the cold weather and throngs of brokers, technology enthusiasts and real estate agents.

We’re excited to be exhibiting at Inman again.  They have a reputation of having a high quality crowd of exhibitors, attendees and presenters alike and that was very apparent at the NYC event.

If you’re looking to connect with us while we’re in town please come and see us over on Start Up Alley at table S30.  We’d love to demo our product for you and talk about all the value SYNCRO website chat to text can provide for your real estate brokerage.

How to integrate SYNCRO :: A Walk in the Park :: Pt. 2

Part 2 in our integration point series.

How to integrate SYNCRO into a brokerage or corporate level website.

We have the capability of integrating SYNCRO three ways for brokerages and corporate clients and that’s not counting our Powerlinks strategy, which we will dive into during the last part of this website chat integration series. Brokerages and corporate accounts are afforded deep discounts off of our posted monthly unlimited usage rate when a commitment to use SYNCRO for all agents is agreed upon.  You can choose to use one integration method or go with all three for ultimate efficiency.

Take a look at the unique way SYNCRO website chat to text message can work within your brokerage or banner website:

Agent on Duty:

male-2-elegant-agent-on duty-large-photoThe rotating agent on duty gets an upgrade with SYNCRO live website chat to text. We can embed live chat into your existing agent on duty widget following the design and branding of your website or we can custom design a chat now widget for you to use. Every time your website is refreshed and a page reloads, the user will be presented with a new agent from your roster who they can interact with in real time for quick help.

This randomization mechanism makes it fair for all agent within the brokerage as they will all have their shot at being discovered front and centered. We also offer standard PC to PC chat for agents and brokers who prefer to have an administrator handle the chats, but this would be better handled using our single site integration method. 

agent on duty website mock up -large photo female agent on duty website mock up - large photo male

Agent Roster:

Every brokerage has a list of agents within their brokerage website, but SYNCRO will up the ante on real time engagement and give your agent roster some tangible action. By embedding SYNCRO into your agent roster, customers can instantly connect with the agent of their choice to ask real time questions, which will be sent directly to the agent’s mobile phone via text message. This cuts down on the need for your admin to be flagging leads all day and trying to decide who they need to send them out to.


IDX/MLS Data Integration:

new-buttonThe third and most powerful way we can integrate SYNCRO is through the IDX/MLS data feed. We can use the data from your IDX provider to guarantee that the chat bubble is tied directly to the agent/realtor ID. This will ensure that all incoming chat leads from your brokerage website regarding the listing that agent owns will be sent directly, in real time, to the listing agents’ mobile phone number.

As a broker you can save money on admin costs, and stop the insanity of trying to finally determine who is next in line to get the lead from your brokerage website.  This is a simple and effective way to ensure that all leads are dealt with fairly, especially when competition runs high  from the biggest most authentic lead generator your agents have – your brokerage website.


screenshot-idxUsing SYNCRO makes for a great recruiting tool, because when a potential new hire asks how you deal with brokerage website leads, you can say that’s between the agent who’s representing the listing and SYNCRO.  Our monthly reporting allows you to check in on your agents’ progress and see who is the most responsive, what’s working with customers as far as responses are concerned and leverage all that data to train and coach your agents into better lead closers.

Those are the three most popular ways to integrate SYCNRO into a brokerage website or corporate website to ensure an efficient live chat solution.

Pricing is quoted on a per agent basis and will depend on which integration method you choose to use. For more details on installing SYNCRO in any of the three ways listed above please contact our team directly.

Next up: Part 3 in our integration point series – Powerlinks.

Did you miss Part 1? Check out how to do a basic install here.

How to integrate SYNCRO :: A Walk in the Park :: Pt. 1

The Single Website Install :: Part 1 in our integration point series :: A Walk in the Park.   

SYNCRO was designed to be easy to install and integrate in multiple scenarios. This is the first part of our series titled SYNCRO installs :: A walk in the park. We have a few different ways to get SYNCRO into your website, from tying directly into US and Canadian real estate MLS/IDX data feeds, to agent rosters, power linking, single website applications and third party API’s, but the first thing we need to determine is how you do business and who you are trying to connect with.

Take a read through this multi part series and see which instance is right for you. We’re going to start with the most basic description of a SYNCRO installation and we’ll work our way through to the more advanced.


The single site install is great for entrepreneurs who also handle the sales aspect of their business, real estate agents with a team of 3 or less, mortgage brokers with a team of 3 or less and virtually any other business that wants to convert their website leads using mobile without having to download an app. maximized window

The single site install is very simple to embed within your existing website and can be implemented by using the sign up process here. This sign up wizard will walk you through a few simple steps to get SYNCRO up and running within your website and if you hit a snag on the FTP details or what you need to do with that embed code at the end of it all, there’s a convenient HELP option.

Selecting HELP will alert us that you need some extra guidance from our support team.  As soon as this alert reaches our team we will swoop in to save the day and get your install back on track. Our team is trained to get you off to the website chat to text races without any cost to your business because the beauty of our install support is that it’s absolutely 100% free.  Whether you want to handle the install on your own or have us do it for you, it will still cost you nothing and it should only take minutes either way.

Once set up, the single site install will operate in a similar fashion to how you see the website chat option on this website. The chat window is nestled neatly into the bottom right corner and it waits for a customer to engage and interact with you. We have a number of other ways to pin the chat window to the website window including an unobtrusive chat bubble that locks to the side of the browser with a subtle blinking effect to catch a customer’s eye.


With a single site install you can personalize your avatar photo, your click to call number, and your welcome message to engage potential clients. You can also choose to enable the chat scheduler, the chat rollover and the chat trigger messaging.

The single site install also comes with real time reporting and web stats and is a great, easy way to increase conversions and track leads.

Pricing for the single site install is $10 per qualified incoming interaction or $50 per/month for unlimited chatting. Your first 10 messages are free to take it for a test drive.

Those are the basics of the single site install. It literally takes 5 minutes to get you signed up and have SYNCRO working in your site. If there are any problems at all give us a call, use the help button at the end of the signup process or SYNCRO us and we’ll be happy to help you get up and running.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this series.

How to integrate SYNCRO into a brokerage or banner website.


New website chat to text feature for IDX/MLS websites.

Personalized photos are now easily created using the IDX/MLS data and SYNCRO.

We’ve just released personalized call to action chat buttons for IDX/MLS enabled websites. Up your chat game and get personal with these dynamic chat buttons. These lovely calls to action are generated on the fly within our software and don’t require any heavy lifting on your part. When we set up your brokerage or banner website with SYNCRO we’ll populate your instance with agents’ photos and mobile numbers and these buttons will appear like magic.

Chat Now Call To Action large

Standard Website Chat Button



Personalized IDX/MLS Button





Stay tuned for more engaging innovation next month and as always we love to hear from you.

If you have a suggestion on how to make SYNCRO better for your business please let us know! Our goal is to make SYNCRO the most engaging, easy to use software for real estate and your feedback is invaluable.  Chat with us now, message us on Twitter or leave a comment below.

San Francisco Here We Come!

We are ecstatic and grateful to announce that SYNCRO has been selected among 15 innovative real estate technology companies to pitch at real estate giant Realogy’s FWD Innovation Summit for emerging real estate tech in San Francisco on June 23, 2015.  We can’t wait to demonstrate SYNCRO to a captive audience of real estate professionals at this caliber and receive feedback to make our chat to SMS technology even better for agents, brokers and banners.

The full press release, written by Paul Hagey, can be read over at Inman News

We’re looking forward to meeting our colleagues and fellow innovators in San Francisco and seeing what’s new in REtech.  See you very soon San Francisco!