Fully Responsive

Serve an optimized chat on your website to visitors using tablets and mobile devices.


Show your clients who they’re chatting with by uploading your own personalized photo.  You can also customize your welcome message and of course set up multiple auto-responders for when you can’t grab the chat.  If you want to keep going you can even colorize your chat box to match your website colors.


Top-Notch Support

Our support team is standing by to answer any questions you have.  Just like you; we’re only a SYNCRO request away.



Chat Rollover

Work as a team to make sure your clients are never left hanging.  Chat rollover detects that the 1st in line is busy, notifies the client, and sends the chat to the next available agent on your team.


Chat Vault

All of your conversations are stored in the Chat Vault for your reference. You’ll find all the valuables stored in your vault such as contact details and every piece of correspondence you had via SYNCRO.


Auto- Responders

Sometimes life happens and you can’t immediately respond to your client as fast as you would like. With auto-respond you can make it seem like it’s you and let your client know you need a few minutes, or that you’re driving and ask them how to best follow up, to not keep them waiting.


While we recommend having SYNCRO on at all times we realize some of you need to sleep.  The chat scheduler allows you to set your availability.


Statistics and Real Time Visitors

Monitor your SYNCRO chat statistics directly within your account. See where your interactions are coming from, when the dialog box closes and much more. We’ve also included traditional website statistics such as unique visitors and real time website traffic.


Two Numbers :: Call to Action and Instant Response

Text messaging is becoming one of the most popular communication tools, but often you can’t convey exactly what you mean as quickly through text. The phone number call to action allows users to call you directly through the SYNCRO dialog window. It also allows you to enter a land line or an office number, so that your mobile number is always kept private.

Email Syndication

SYNCRO will send all chat correspondence to your email, so if you’ve left your phone in your desk drawer you’ll still get all the details while working at your computer.

Call Tracking

Wondering where your phone calls are coming from? SYNCRO can tell you where your calls originate from and we also tally how many calls you’ve received.


CRM Integration

We know you all have your favorite CRM and we aren’t going to force you to change. Let us know what CRM you’re using and based on the number of users in your organization we can whip up an integration that will send your SYNCRO chats straight to your CRM. That’s some serious productivity.

Intelli-Chat :: Has arrived in Beta!

We already know SYNCRO is a life saver when it comes to you being out and about, but many of you asked to make it available on your desktop too. We listened and it’s coming. But in typical SYNCRO fashion it won’t be like any other desktop chat tool.  SYNCRO will detect when you’re in front of a computer and when you’ve gone mobile, to adjust chats to your environment.  The best part is, you still won’t have to flip any switches to make it work and when you’re chained to your desk, your interactions will be free.  Get in touch to find out more!

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